Energy Consumption In The USA

The U.S. energy consumption figures are quite high with an estimated total value of 3,902 billion kWh. Although the nation has the capacity to produce even more energy than the estimated consumption value, it is still involved in cross-border energy trades.

Despite this high energy need, a significant amount of what is generated goes to waste. It is estimated that as much as 66% of the electricity that the North American nation generates is not consumed. This is not good, both for economic and environmental reasons.

Domestically, houses are estimated to waste up to 30% of the electricity that they pay for. So anyone may ask, where does all the wasted energy go to, and how can the trend be reversed.

The world today suffers from certain ecological issues that are caused by improper management of energy. Global warming is a key issue that is causing a ripple effect across the ecosystem. Increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and other adverse ecological evolution are linked to improper energy management by humankind.

Today, measures are being taken to reduce the amount of energy that is inappropriately discharged into the atmosphere. This has implied the need for improved energy management technology systems to ensure that there is a balance between energy produced and amount consumed.

The Volum supply chain management system has in its portfolio energy companies that are employing smart technologies to ensure proper energy management by consumers. ENERGY RESCUE SYSTEMS CORP. (“ERS”), which specializes in the production of Smart Energy Devices focuses mainly on energy efficiency, safety and security to the energy space.

ERS uses its specialized hardware devices to achieve high level power monitoring developments and special energy tests.

The second energy company that is powered by the Volum platform is GRIDPOWER NETWORK CORP. which adopts a technology that is capable of interrogating and interpreting data from electronic devices that are connected to ERS’s smart sockets.

This technology provides the necessary information that is needed for proper security, safety, energy saving and precise billing systems.

Energy consumption issues are not restricted to the United States alone. Other nations, including developing countries where data tracking and recording systems are yet a far cry suffer even worse conditions.

The advent of blockchain is bringing about intuitive solutions that will go a long way in solving this perennial problem that does not only threaten internal economies, but also the environment at large.

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