How Does Blockchain Technology Directly And Indirectly Affect Customers’ Experience In The Supply Chain

The management of supply chains have grown in complexity. This is as a result of an expanded market and distribution ecosystem that cuts across international borders and  more complex networks.

In an era of globalization, digital technology has drastically improved the information transfer systems, thereby connecting people from all over the globe who eventually interact and transact with one another.

Supply chain, especially in today’s commercial ecosystem involves several aspects and stages that include multiple locations, a lot of invoices and payments, many participants at the same time, and usually extended periods of execution.

The complexity in supply chain as a result of the above listed factors has encouraged the search for better ways of handling transactions and logistics, especially for the benefit of customers.

How Will Blockchain Solve Supply Chain Problems?

The emerging blockchain technology, due to its underlying characteristics have been suggested in many quarters as an ideal implementation that will solve the numerous problems encountered in supply chain. Such properties of blockchain include transparency, immutability of data, traceability, auditability, security of information and decentralized control.

By being transparent, any information on a given blockchain is open and accessible for every member of the blockchain. This enables customers to monitor processes independently without relying on information from third parties or intermediaries.

Any information on the blockchain cannot be overwritten or deleted. Therefore, to a large extent, the level of corruption that exists within the current manipulatable systems is eliminated. This improves the confidence of customers in the processes that they are involved in.

With blockchain, processes are auditable and easily traceable. This simplifies the tracking process, especially in areas of logistics and transportation of goods and services. Major companies like Walmart, Nestle and Tyson are already using blockchain to make their supply chains more efficient.

Blockchain Implementation In Holding Companies

An innovation that is causing a revolution today in the holding industry is blockchain implementation by Volum in supply chain management. This innovation does not only introduce higher efficiency in the management of processes across companies on the same platform, it also provides an extended value for participants within its network.

Using a unified token makes it easy to transact and communicate across the network of companies on the Volum platform. However, the introduction of the platform’s underlying token into the decentralized marketplace offers its holders the opportunity to generate significant value in addition to the benefits from their respective companies of interest.

The blockchain system eliminates the inherent overheads that currently exist in logistics and supply chain management, making it easier for companies to concentrate more on their primary assignments, while stability and growth are achieved.

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