Blockchain Set To Streamline Government Processes

The blockchain platform that is designed to revolutionize supply chain operations, Volum has opened its doors towards providing blockchain services for government agencies in order to help them fulfill their functions in a more efficient and productive manner.

For the past couple of years that blockchain technology has existed, implementation and government adoption have been hot on the discussion. Certain aspects of the technology have seemed unclear to government agencies, while on the other hand, the approach of government appears too restrictive for enthusiasts of the technology.

How Will Volum Blockchain Streamline Government Processes?

The services provided by Volum blockchain are set to streamline government processes and help governments and their agencies function more efficiently. This exemplifies a mutual benefit for the technology and regulatory agencies.

Volum’s services are professional and transparent. Primarily, Volum is an innovation that uses blockchain technology, through its native VLM tokens to perform oversight functions. The operational details of Volum enables it to manage the numerous companies that are listed in its portfolio, with an enormous capacity to accommodate several more while maintaining optimal service delivery.

The platform has extended its functions to cover institutions of government where its technology can play key roles in improving performance and eliminating the existing bottlenecks and limitations.

According to a source at Volum, the company will work together with the regulatory systems in order to deliver optimum services.

“Here at Volum we believe in keeping business transparent and compliant and we will work with the current regulating and government agencies for each of the countries we work with and we will provide a dashboard experience to each of the agencies that fall within our model. These agencies will have access to only information they already have access to in real world scenarios.”

The Volum model will be extremely useful in agencies where supply chain, tracking, verification, certification and other critical processes are essential. Customs and border patrol can use Volum to digitally issue and verify licenses, certifications, and other documents related to supply chain security and other issues.

The key areas where this is applicable includes:

  • Automation of paper-based processes
  • Licensing
  • Certificates of origins
  • Taxation records
  • Payments
  • Customs documentation
  • Shipping records
  • Track and traceability features

Solving Critical Issues

The synergy between Volum and these agencies will enable governments across the globe to tackle several key issues from a streamlined process. Corruption, smuggling, tax evasion, loss of goods and services, improper record keeping, among several other issues will become a thing of the past.

Blockchain technology is indeed a good thing, and the extent of adoption that it is experiencing at the moment is encouraging. Providing such services as explained above will go a long way in defining the future of the technology which is bound to revolutionize how processes are executed across various industries.

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