Exploring Energy Products And Their Layers Of Impact

The world is sustained by an energy cycle that revolves around the solar system. Primary solar, hydro, natural gas, green energy and other forms of energy are the basis of survival of humankind and the entire solar system.

The impact of this fundamental element on every aspect of human existence cannot be neglected. Hence, energy management has always been a huge part of basic human life with direct consequences on the environment, finance and labour, among other aspects.

The Environment

The significant changes that are being experienced in our environment today are in consequence to our energy management habits. Over the years, humankind cannot boast about the most responsible energy management techniques, hence the rise in the environmental hazards that we have experienced in recent times. However, there is now a global effort to change the narrative and reverse the situation.

The campaign for clean energy is growing everyday, and regions across the world are gradually moving over to these systems.  This is ultimately aimed at eliminating the setbacks caused by the current systems that are affecting the environment, and by extension, humankind. They include:

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants, especially when a fuel is burned.
  • Use of water resources to produce steam, provide cooling, and serve other functions.
  • Discharges of pollution into water bodies, including thermal pollution (water that is hotter than the original temperature of the water body).
  • Generation of solid waste, which may include hazardous waste.
  • Land use for fuel production, power generation, and transmission and distribution lines.
  • Effects on plants, animals, and ecosystems that result from the air, water, waste, and land impacts above.


Electricity in most parts of the world is expensive, and funny enough, this is not always as a result of the amount of energy consumed. It is mostly because of the energy produced and wasted.

Due to poor energy management systems, not all of the energy produced is put into proper use, even in regions where the population complain of insufficient energy, waste is still recorded. This development puts humankind in a precarious situation that puts pressure on finding appropriate energy management systems.

This brings us back to the question; where does the wasted energy go to? Back to the environment where depletion continues with backfiring effects on humankind.


The energy cycle consists of three major aspects, which include generation, distribution and consumption. To achieve these stages involves work and labour that are carried out both by humans and infrastructure. The complex system involved in this cycle is known as the electricity power grid.

Managing the power grid is a complex process and has proven to be hectic over the years in a system that is yearning for better efficiency and improved supply chain management processes.

The Solution

The blockchain-based holding company, Volum has provided a robust protocol that uses an underlying token to solve the many problems in the energy sector. The existing energy companies in Volum’s portfolio are typical examples of how to use smart devices in implementing an effective supply chain management process in the energy sector.

This solution ensures an effective energy distribution process which cuts down waste to the barest minimum. It is also a cost management technology that makes sure that users pay for what they really need and consume, hence there is also a preservation of the environment as energy release is minimized.

The Volum setup opens up an investment opportunity for individuals why can buy into the platform and take up stakes in these already researched portfolio companies. The setups works that Volum does the homework of extensive research and vetting to find companies that qualify to be listed in their portfolio.

Qualified companies are then allowed to join the blockchain platform and then offered all the benefits that the platform provides through its unified VLM tokens.

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