Small Companies Have The Ability To Disrupt Markets By Testing New Technologies

Volum, a blockchain-based holding company is providing the opportunity for businesses to leapfrog traditional bottlenecks and achieve their market goals through innovative technologies.

As a holding company, Volum takes up ownership of units of shares in the companies where they find interest. This guarantees oversight powers and system contribution towards the success of these companies.

Traditionally, the relationship between holding companies and their daughter-companies involve a lot of complex processes and some official bureaucracy. The introduction of blockchain technology by Volum does not in any way eliminate the oversight functions. Rather, it provides more effective ways to analyse and examine these processes using cost effective measures in a transparent and trustles system.

This technology, through a unified token also offers these companies the opportunity to ride upon a synergy of value that is generated by the market performance of the underlying unified token.

Already existing in the Volum portfolio are a number of small companies that are taking advantage of this innovation to conquer markets that have been unreachable prior to this time. They include:


Airtab utilizes consumer identification technologies to satisfy customer expectations in bars and restaurants across cities. It is a proximity marketing platform that captures the ID of app users and uses them to deliver preferable services to customers.

The platform uses such indices as customer preferences, historical purchases and social media shares to personalize and customize the experiences for customers, while maximizing sales in the process.


ISBG is an international producer and marketer of wine and spirit brands that are embracing innovations in order to disrupt the traditional systems in the industry. The project is already listed on the OTC market and is adopting emerging technologies in the production, marketing, and product distribution sectors.

Having originally set out to adopting supply chain and distributed ledger technology, Volum represents a perfect match for this firm towards achieving its potential.


Among the Volum portfolio is ERS, a manufacturing company that is focused on implementing blockchain technology in the energy industry. ERS combines Energy of Things (EoT) with blockchain distributed technology for a profitable way to protect people, property and privacy.


Another company in Volum’s portfolio is ACME Financial. An establishment that focuses on providing advisory and intervention solutions to business owners and professional advisors in areas of business strategy development, corporate finance and business valuation.

ACME Financial is already acting as a Captive Finance company of Energy Rescue Systems Corporation (ERS), to synergistically assist ERS grow revenues across all its product lines.


This is the fifth company in Volum’s current portfolio which cuts across several industries. The network which also works with the ERS setup is an energy grid providing company. Gridpower services interrogates and interprets data from electronic devices connected to ERS’ smart sockets.

Gridpower services revolve around the safety of the electricity systems, the users and appliances alike. Further, the system ensures a competitive sale of electricity, ensuring adequate value for resources by applying innovative technologies.

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