How Volum Is Revolutionising Supply Chain Management

The early implementation of blockchain technology focused mainly on financial transactions. However, as the ecosystem evolves, several emerging protocols are redefining a whole lot of other processes.

The next phase of blockchain development is expected to involve the adaptation of the technology into various mainstream processes for the benefit of humankind. One area under consideration is the supply chain protocol of holding companies and general logistics.

Basic Functionalities of Holding Companies

Traditionally, holding companies function to oversee the operations of other companies with which they are invested. A holding company is usually not involved in the production of goods and services. Rather, it owns shares of a group of companies in a corporate setup. The share ownership by a holding company gives it the power to exert some level of control over policies and management decisions.

The various layers of participants in the holding company ecosystem make it a bit complex to manage the processes involved efficiently. This ranges from the independent internal structures of the subsidiaries, to the operational management of holding companies themselves, and the management of investors. In all of this, there are stakes involved and logistic challenges to overcome.

This process can be cumbersome and complicated on a regular basis. However, with blockchain technology, a high level of efficiency can be introduced to manage all processes using an underlying token.

Blockchain For Effective Process Management

Blockchain as a technology offers users the opportunity to scale processes and make them more efficient. This is possible by leveraging the fundamental characteristics of the technology which addresses previously complicated protocols more easily. These properties and their benefits are mentioned below:

The transparency of transactions on the blockchain ensures traceability and makes auditing easy and more efficient. Same can be said about other blockchain benefits like consistency of data, distributed management and security. These properties make it possible for blockchain platforms to achieve their goals with minimal infrastructure and overhead.

Unlike traditional systems that may be limited by location and jurisdictional regulations, blockchain-based platforms enable local companies to scale globally much faster while having proper oversight and control of their supply chains.

A Novel Holding Platform on the Blockchain

By functioning as a holding company, Volum is providing the opportunity for blockchain companies to grow and scale internationally. It also provides the basis for greater organizational and oversight capabilities as mentioned above.

Running exclusively on the VLM utility token which is built on the Ethereum platform, the Volum platform will be fully capable of executing smart contracts. This will enable more efficiency in the handling of supply chains and logistics of the various operational levels. All company data such as tracking, routing, identification and sourcing will be locked on the Volum platform which can be trusted and verified at any point during the transaction.

A Higher Layer of Opportunities

Blockchain, through tokenization, provides for a decentralized distribution of benefits without the limitations of location, and status. Therefore, by bringing together a conglomerate of carefully selected companies unto the platform to be powered by one single token, Volum opens up an investment opportunity layer on top of a cumulative investment holding.

This introduces an entirely new way of operating holding companies, charting the course for another disruptive adventure for blockchain technology.

The advent of blockchain has introduced humankind to a litany of innovations and the redefinition of processes. Several industries are experiencing the kind of change that would leave present day solution extinct in the near future.

As a matter of fact, blockchain can be described not as an entirely different way of life, but as an enhancing technology that is bound to improve how things are done in almost every aspect of human existence.

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