VOLUM is a technology-based blockchain-era holding company. Holding companies have been a part of the business and investing landscape for many decades. VOLUM leverages the benefits of a holding company structure which, by design, minimizes risks through diversification, and allows shared infrastructure to quickly attain economies of scale. In the VOLUM example, all portfolio companies leverage a common native currency and blockchain technology platform that enables streamlined supply chain management, B2B marketplace transactions supported by trustless smart contracts and advanced data analytics. Portfolio companies benefit from vertical and horizontal integration opportunities with other VOLUM operating companies. VOLUM takes minority ownership positions in a wide range of companies, intellectual property and other assets. These assets are tokenized on the VOLUM decentralized platform and made available to investors on digital currency exchanges.

VOLUM is a holding company formed by Bengala Technologies, LLC and International Spirit and Beverage Group (ISBG). Bengala is a blockchain software development company and ISBG (OTCQB:ISBG) is a top-tier incubator for early stage brands in the wines and spirits market. The VOLUM platform delivers a disruptive logistics and supply chain solution to a variety of industries, including but not limited to the $391 billion alcoholic beverages industry and the $1.4 trillion global advanced energy market. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, the VOLUM platform utilizes its own native currency, VLM, a mined coin that employs smart contracts for the settlement of a wide variety of transaction types between ecosystem participants.

The landscape is littered with many blockchain/crypto currency disappointments that were launched without the best conceived plans, often lacking a viable product or service as part of the business model and often not even a revenue model at all. Additionally, many of these projects were not being led by an experienced management team. The VOLUM opportunity is predicated upon qualitative factors intended to deliver substantial benefits to its stakeholders. The VOLUM business model is built upon an equity stake in multiple market disruptors that each possess promising products and services with compelling value propositions with which to generate sustainable revenue. The VOLUM management team is comprised of experienced leaders with proven successes. The leadership is disciplined and maintains focus on the most promising growth industries which currently include the supply chain and brand solutions for the alcoholic beverages industry, the Internet of Things/the Energy of Things for more efficient use of electrical power. The company operates a novel blockchain based-platform designed with the flexibility to support multiple dissimilar businesses and transaction types utilizing a single token. The VOLUM technology platform is an easy-on-ramp to the blockchain for the company’s portfolio entities. Investor opportunity to purchase tokens that have a diversified basket of operating assets establishing underlying value.

VOLUM makes minority investments (30%-35% equity stake initially) in portfolio operating companies that it deems are poised to maximize efficiencies and competitive advantages by leveraging the VOLUM decentralized logistics and supply chain technology platform. Through the implementation of this strategy, the company assembles a portfolio of businesses with the potential to become market leaders in their respective industry spaces.

VOLUM generates revenue from operating company dividends as well as from platform transaction revenue, paid in VLM currency, from the operating companies for their use of the VOLUM technology platform. The selection process of portfolio companies also takes into consideration potential vertical and horizontal integration opportunities with other portfolio companies to further expand competitive advantages and to accelerate transactions revenue growth on the VOLUM single token platform. The company expects to benefit from appreciation in the asset value of its portfolio companies over the holding period of these investments.

As a holding company, VOLUM will grow through acquisition of minority equity stakes in promising market disruptors, mostly blockchain-based, in selective high-growth markets. VOLUM is seeking companies that have strong management teams, solid market strategies and viable products or services. While the company prefers to invest in blockchain-based business models, revenue traction and intellectual properties, these attributes are not always requirements.

Arnaldo A. Detres, Co-Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnaldodetres/ Alonzo Pierce, Co-Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/alonzopierceisbg/

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